[lm-sensors] Sensors at HP Pavilion dv5000 CTO

Michel Filipe michel at milk-it.net
Thu Jul 17 20:13:31 CEST 2008

Hi! I'm writing a kde4 plasmoid to get informations about temperature sensors, 
but I've many questions before write lm-sensors backend.

Before I want show the informations about my laptop:
lspci http://paste.milk-it.net/825
sensors http://paste.milk-it.net/826

1) Is possible I add temperature of my hard disk in lm-sensors? With hddtemp I 
can get the temperature. I've a FUJITSU MHV2080BH hard disk.
2) How do I do to add nvidia temperature? I'm using nvidia binary driver 
(official) and can get the temperature using "nvidia-settings -q GPUCoreTemp".
3) What is "acpitz-virtual-0"? It returns two temperatures, what are each 
temp? See the paste http://paste.milk-it.net/826.
4) I've a iwl3945 wireless card. I can get the temperature in 
/sys/devices/pci.../temperature adding 260 to result - the driver does this. 
Is possible I add the temperature in lm-sensors?

My english isn't very good, feel free to correct me or ask to rewrite the 
questions. Thanks all! :)
Michel Filipe
Milk-it Brasil Software House
+55 31 32271009
+55 31 84843953

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