[lm-sensors] [spi-devel-general] [Patch 0/4] IndustrialIO subsystem (ADCs, accelerometers etc)

Jonathan Cameron Jonathan.Cameron at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 18:11:31 CEST 2008

>>> Well, it says "Industrial I/O". To me, this means it handles I/O devices
>>> typically found in industrial applications.
>> Yes, industrial is generally process control of manufacturing
>> processes which in my view is making this sound like it is limiting
>> the field of operations.
> OK, I agree.
Agreed, though don't yet have a better idea.
In fact my use cases are all really embedded systems anyway.
>> All the applications we would currently need are things like
>> handheld PDA type devices which are hardly 'industrial' or small
>> consumer measurement systems.
> Well, though the _use_ of such devices might not be "industrial",
> _technically_ they are very similar to embedded systems found in
> automation or other industrial equipment.
> Many of these devices (all that have mmappable memory) can be handled
> with a UIO driver, but for the rest (mostly stuff connected to serial
> busses), it's important to have a subsystem in the kernel. I really
> don't care too much about its name. BTW, before UIO was first published,
> its internal name was "Industrial I/O" ;-)
lol. We could try and make it the standard working name for all new
subsystems ;)
Jonathan Cameron

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