[lm-sensors] How to adjust sensors.conf for a Super Micro X7DA8 motherboard

Daniel Lucio dlucio at utk.edu
Fri May 2 21:05:01 CEST 2008


I ran a tool called Super Doctor II on a Super Micro X7DA8  
motherboard, and i noticed that some of values where different for  
the following measurements returned by lm-sensors:

Adapter: SMBus I801 adapter at 1100
-12V:       -11.38 V	- compute in3 (((@/8)*18500)/256)-16, (((@+16) 
+5V:         +5.12 V	-No scaling
5VSB:        +5.12 V	-No scaling

SuperDoctorII returned for the same measurements:
-12V:  -12.21
+5V:     4.97
+5Vsb:   4.97

My question is, how should I scale the values read by lm-sensors to  
return the correct value?

Also, I noticed that SuperDoctorII displayed other information like:

Chassis Intrusion                                      Bad  Warning!
Power Supply Failure                                  Good

How can I find out which sensor read by lm-sensors maps to these two  

Thank you!


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