[lm-sensors] sensors.conf for the Supermicro PDSMi+

Romain Dolbeau romain.dolbeau at caps-entreprise.com
Tue May 6 16:55:05 CEST 2008

Jean Delvare wrote:

> * -12V compute formula. Where did you get yours? Mine gives a better
>   value on my system (which doesn't mean it's correct, of course.)

>From a snippet of code sent by supermicro support, but it may have been
a generic one or maybe even calid only for the X7DBE.

I haven't tried your version, but mine seems a little low (in absolute

> * +5V and 5VSB compute formula. You cancel the 150 mV offset which the
>   driver is adding on purpose. Why? Both values were OK on my system
>   with the offset.

Mmm, this one is even more mysterious (I did that in last august !),
because I have two PDSMi+ running linux, and those 2 lines are in only
one of the file ... I suspect a PIBKAC on my part, sorry.

> * The connector for the 6th fan. I thought it was fan6 but you seem to
>   believe it's fan7. My system only had 2 fans so I will trust you.

Mine have 3 in a 1U, I suspect this is a leftover from the X7DBE.

I'll check some more on my systems and update in the wiki.

Also, maybe you should add a link to your files / the directory from the

Romain Dolbeau
<romain.dolbeau at caps-entreprise.com>

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