[lm-sensors] plans to implement Smartguardian support on it87 chips?

Hector Lahoz Grañena hectorlahoz at yahoo.es
Tue Sep 2 11:48:57 CEST 2008

Are there any plans to implement Smartguardian (i.e. fan speed control) for the it87 family?
I've discovered that the "fix_pwm_polarity" driver option is not so dangerous. But now that
I have PWM working I don't know how to do something useful with this.
Should I write a daemon to control the fans or is the driver who has to do the work?

Another possibility is using the smartguardian automatic mode which has the advantage, I think;
that it's easy to implement and causes no CPU overload.
By the way, the programming interface thar appears in the datasheet does not correspond to
my chip (it8705 version 2). I almost go crazy.

Sorry for my poor english


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