[lm-sensors] New Asus board and multiple sensors chips (W83667HG/W83791D/ADT7475)

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Sat Sep 13 17:43:46 CEST 2008

Marco Chiappero ha scritto:
> Now, in this board the first one has been replaced by the new Winbond
> W83667HG and it works thank to the trick of loading the w83627ehf driver
> with the force_id=0x8860 option (but a its own driver is on the way,
> right?). Starting from kernel 2.6.26 the coretemp driver works fine, but
> my cpu isn't recognized by sensors-detect ("Sorry, no sensors were
> detected", with lm-sensors 3.0.0) probably because I own a brand new
> E8600 Intel CPU which is a E0 revision. I haven't tried lm-sensors 3.0.2
> though.
> For what concerns the other two sensors chips I can modprobe the
> w83781, w83791d, w83792d, w83793 and adt7473 modules but running sensors
> or sensors-detect shows no new sensors at all. Unfortunately adt7475
> driver is not the upstream kernels yet.

Having some spare time I gave a try to the lastest sensors-detect 
patched for the w83667hg and both the coretemp and the new winbond chip 
are now detected. I also compiled the adt7475 driver, it loads fine but 
no sensors are show/discovered. Maybe is a specific address needed?

Marco Chiappero

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