[lm-sensors] dme1737: Base address not set / How to do the BIOS' job

Stefan Steuerwald salsasepp at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 29 17:17:01 CEST 2009

Hi lm-sensor,

I have an embedded system with a SCH3114 Super-I/O sitting at 0x2E on the
LPC bus.
My BIOS does not support this chip, hence it goes uninitialized on boot.
Consequently, when I load the dme1737 kernel module, it says "Base address
not set".

For lack of a better BIOS, I think I have to manually poke around the
SCH3114's registers to set base address, IRQ numbers, whatever else.
Maybe anybody can point me to some code that may be doing something similar?
I'd like to enable the Super-I/O's USARTs and LPT, above all.

Thank you,
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