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H for the worst. He at once ordered McDowell to move 20,000 troops into
the Shenandoah Valley, and instructed Fremont also to move his force
rapidly into the valley, with the design that the two should thus catch
Jackson in what Mr. Lincoln described as a "trap."[20] McDowell was
dismayed at such an order. He saw, what every man having any military
knowledge at once recognized with entire certainty, and what every
military writer has since corroborated, that the movement of Jackson had
no value except as a diversion, that it threatened no serious danger,
and that to call off McDowell's corps from marching to join McClellan in
order to send it against Jackson was to do exactly that thing which the
Confederates desired to have done, though they could hardly have been
sanguine enough to expect it. It was swallowing a bait so plain that it
might almost be said to be 
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