[lm-sensors] Does lm-sensors support chassis intrusion for Fintek f71882fg ?

Fred . eldmannen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:18:44 CET 2009

I propose we make a file that we call 'intrusion', but if you want to
have it open for extension,
such as multiple detectors, we could call it intrusion1 (leaving room
for intrusion2, etc).

If the file says 0, it means everything is cool.
If the file says 1, it means its triggered, and case is open.

We might want to be able to write to the file, in order to reset it.

Should we have an alarm file?
In that case, it would be intrusion1_alarm. In the sysfs-interface
file, that would be declared as;
Where 0 is no alarm, and is 1 alarm.

Here we have the file sysfs-interface.

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