[lm-sensors] Asus KFN4-DRE board

Mark E. Hansen meh at Winfirst.Com
Tue Jan 6 00:38:18 CET 2009

On 01/05/09 14:10, Mark Nienberg wrote:
> Luca Tettamanti wrote:
>> I'd like to see whether the board supports the ATK ACPI interface or not.
> I sent the DSDT to Luca off list but "unfortunately there's no trace of the ATK 
> interface".
> So I'm still looking for a temperature solution.  Is it safe to assume that since 
> Temp2 and Temp3 have the same limits then they must be the two CPU temps?  I did not 
> set any temperature limits in the "sensors.conf" file.
> Thanks,
> Mark

You could just work the CPU and see which temps go up. Someone suggested this
earlier on this or another board, and I found it quite helpful in getting the
temps straightened out.

for example:

  md5sum /dev/zero

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