[lm-sensors] Status/support for Linux HECI from Intel? (for temp/voltage monitoring)

Dan Williams dan.j.williams at intel.com
Wed Jan 7 17:41:34 CET 2009

Justin Piszcz wrote:
> The HECI interface would allow lm_sensors developers to grab the
> temperatures off the chips on the board.
> From 2005(?)-2008 there was some chatter about supporting it but it never
> seemed to happen, is there any eventual planned support for supporting
> Intel's HECI interface or if the user wants to see the
> temperatures/voltages just buy a different motherboard with an ITE I/O
> controller?
> I have a couple DG965WH boards and it would be nice to see the
> temperature of the chipset etc without having to reboot into the BIOS.

Hi Justin,

I am not up to date on the progress in this area, but perhaps this site 
(http://www.openamt.org/) has what you are looking for?


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