[lm-sensors] sensord with rrd

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Wed Jan 14 20:01:22 CET 2009

Jean Delvare wrote:
>> [root at gecko ~]# rpm -q lm_sensors sensord
>> lm_sensors-2.10.6-55.el5
>> sensord-2.10.6-55.el5
> This is somewhat old...

Agreed, but it is the latest rpm I could find already built for centOS 5.2.

> What hardware monitoring chip do you have? sensord in lm-sensors 2.10.x
> lacks support for many recent chips. Could be that logging works
> somewhat in generic mode but rrd supports need chip-specific support.

See my post from Jan 5 with subject "Asus KFN4-DRE board".


You can see that I have tried specifically setting the chip in the sensord init file, 
but it didn't help.


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