[lm-sensors] [PATCH] adxl345 accelerometer hwmon driver

Éric Piel E.A.B.Piel at tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 2 10:04:56 CEST 2009

Op 01-07-09 22:13, Jean Delvare schreef:
> A few accelerometer drivers were originally added to drivers/hwmon
> because the chips also included some hwmon features (e.g. temperature
> sensor.) Now every new accelerometer driver gets dropped in
> drivers/hwmon "because there are other accelerometer drivers there".
> The LIS3LV02D driver is a perfect example of this... the device is not
> even registered as a hwmon driver! This driver definitely doesn't
> belong there.
> Probably it's about time to put an end to this and kick all
> accelerometer drivers out of drivers/hwmon.
(I'm the maintainer of LIS3LV02D)
I completely agree with you, accelerometer drivers do not belong to
hwmon. Unfortunately, so far there has not been any landing place which
looked really more relevant. As soon as such a thing is available (maybe
an "accelerometer" subsystem) I'll be happy to move the driver :-)


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