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I have an Asus Maximus III Formula and I'm trying to work which set of sensor values is correct. My basic problem is I see one set of values in the BIOS and, in places, a different set of values once booted into Ubuntu 9.10. Most of these values I'm not interested in but one worries me slightly.

Below are my readings. The left hand labels and values come from "sensors", the right hand column from the BIOS.

Adapter: ACPI interface         sensors         bios
 +3.3 Voltage:                  +3.34 V         3.328V
 +5 Voltage:                    +5.09 V         5.094V
 +12 Voltage:                   +12.31 V        12.306V
DRAM Voltage:                   +1.60 V         1.601V
CPU Vcore Voltage:              +0.90 V         ?
CPU PLL Voltage:                +1.80 V         1.799V
VTT CPU Voltage:                +1.12 V         ?
DRAM Voltage:                   +1.06 V         ?
DRAM Voltage:                   +1.50 V         ?
DRAM Voltage:                   +1.80 V         ?
DRAM Termination Voltage:       +0.79 V         0.794V
CPU FAN Speed:                  0 RPM           0 RPM
CHA_FAN1 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
CHA_FAN2 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
CHA_FAN3 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
PWR_FAN Speed:                  671 RPM         672 RPM
OPT_FAN1 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
OPT_FAN2 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
OPT_FAN3 Speed:                 0 RPM           0 RPM
CPU Temperature:                +49.0°C         47C
MB Temperature:                 +44.0°C         26C
PCH Temperature:                +26.0°C         26C
POWER Temperature:              +26.0°C         ?
OPT_TEMP1 Temperature:          +0.0°C          0
OPT_TEMP2 Temperature:          +0.0°C          0
OPT_TEMP3 Temperature:          +0.0°C          0
                                ?               1.105V          CPU_VOLTAGE
                                ?               1.058V          PCH_VOLTAGE
                                ?               1.118V          IMC_VOLTAGE

The '?' are where I can't determine which sensors match which. The BIOS has some extra values that you can see at the bottom which I assume map to some of the sensor values but I don't know which ones. Ignore the FAN speed readings, this is a water blocked machine so they're all disconnected. Out of interest, I've tried all the fan connectors and all the values map across correctly.

CPU and PCH temperatures tie up nicely. The one that bothers me is "MB Temperature" really. The BIOS shows 26C, sensors shows 44C. That's quite a jump; the machine is idle so I don't understand why the difference would be so marked. Sensors shows a reading for "POWER Temperature" which is 26C; this reading is missing from the BIOS despite the manual saying it should be shown. Assuming the BIOS is correct, is it possible that these 2 values are mixed up? That would mean that MB is actually 26C and Power is 44C.

Also can anyone tell me what these temperature sensors actually correspond to? I'd like to know what MB, PCH and POWER Temperature actually correspond to.

This is with sensors version 3.1.1+SVN with libsensors version 3.1.1+SVN, linux 2.6.31-15-generic, ubuntu 9.10.

If there's anything you need me to run to help answer, please just fire away.


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