[lm-sensors] Support for Family 10h CPUs - Not all sensors are defect.

Jan Bessai jan.bessai at tu-dortmund.de
Sun Nov 22 21:18:12 CET 2009

Jean Delvare wrote:
>> Linux should not lack temperature sensor support for such popular
>> Processors.
> This is a pointless statement, I hope you realize it. There are a lot
> of things that should not be, but are still, for various reasons. Want
> an example? A big company such as AMD shouldn't have released millions
> of CPUs with broken thermal sensors. As it stands, we do what we can to
> cope with their mistake.
Pardon, this was meant to be an argument for adding the drivers -
without any critical intention. I appreciate your work, I see that it
was AMD who released broken products and I just wanted to give a reason
for not dropping support for the complete k10 cpu family.

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