[lm-sensors] Supermicro X7DWN+ info

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at cern.ch
Mon Sep 7 20:56:55 CEST 2009

I would need some advice about creating the sensors3.conf for Supermicro 
  X7DWN+ motherboard ..

what chip should i use? in my centos 5.3 i have driver only up to w83792d

also is not very clear to me what do i do with the offsets of various 
data (in sensors example the line with offsets is only a comment ... )

i have the following info from vendor :
(it seems that the info is common for X7DW3, X7DWN, X7DWA, X7DBI, X7DBU, 

Bus Type = SMBus
One W83793G

Windbond W83793G, Slave Address=0x2f (0x5E in 8-Bit format)
Fan1 Fan Speed, Offset 0x23, 0x24		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan2 Fan Speed, Offset 0x25, 0x26		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan3 Fan Speed, Offset 0x27, 0x28		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan4 Fan Speed, Offset 0x29, 0x2a		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan5 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2b, 0x2c		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan6 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2d, 0x2e		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan7/CPU1 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2f, 0x30		RPM = 1350000/Data
Fan8/CPU2 Fan Speed, Offset 0x31, 0x32		RPM = 1350000/Data
CPU1 Core Voltage, Offset 0x10			Voltage = Data* 0.008		
CPU2 Core Voltage, Offset 0x11			Voltage = Data* 0.008

-12V Voltage, Offset 0x14	Voltage =
((Data*0.016) - (2.048*(232./260.)))/(1-(232./260.))

+1.5V Voltage, Offset 0x15			Voltage = Data* 0.016
+3.3V Voltage, Offset 0x16			Voltage = Data* 0.016
+12V Voltage, Offset 0x17           Voltage = Data* 0.008/ (10./120.)
+5V Voltage, Offset 0x18			Voltage = Data* 0.024
5Vsb Voltage, Offset 0x19			Voltage = Data* 0.024
Battery Voltage, Offset 0x1a			Voltage = Data* 0.016

CPU1 CoreA (PECI Agent1) Temperature, Offset 0x1c	Temperature = Data

CPU1 CoreB (PECI Agent2) Temperature, Offset 0x1d	Temperature = Data

CPU2 CoreA (PECI Agent3) Temperature, Offset 0x1e	Temperature = Data

CPU2 CoreB (PECI Agent4) Temperature, Offset 0x1f	Temperature = Data

System Temperature, Offset 0x20			Temperature = Data
Chassis Intrusion, Offset 0x44, BitMask 0x40	1 = Bad, 0 = Good

Windbond W83627HF
Power Supply Failure, GP11(From W83627HF)	1 = Good, 0 = Bad

Thank you,
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