[lm-sensors] Soltek K8T800Pro (it87-isa-0290), help setting my limits.

Moofie moofie at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 5 19:48:44 CEST 2010

Hello list, this is my first time posting here, and I come with some 
questions about my server motherboard with the hopes that I configure 
sensors on it correctly.

While this Soltek board is relatively old (as the company is no longer 
in business), I had never used it since the day that I bought it.  The 
board was recently installed into a server role and I hope to monitor 
its health from a distance.

While sensors detects the correct chips installed on the board, the 
values are useless.

I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on how to set the values 
correctly for this board.  Here's some pertinent info:

ITE IT8712F, National LM90 (ISA 290h, SMBus 4Ch)

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:       +40.0°C  (crit = +75.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
Core0 Temp:  +50.0°C
Core1 Temp:  +42.0°C

Adapter: ISA adapter
in0:         +1.31 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in1:         +2.54 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in2:         +3.28 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in3:         +2.90 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in4:         +2.91 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in5:         +0.96 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in6:         +1.12 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
in7:         +2.94 V  (min =  +0.00 V, max =  +4.08 V)
Vbat:        +3.26 V
fan1:       11250 RPM  (min = 3245 RPM)
fan2:       4963 RPM  (min =    0 RPM)
temp1:       +26.0°C  (low  =  -1.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = thermistor
temp2:       -86.0°C  (low  =  -1.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = 
thermal diode
temp3:       +14.0°C  (low  =  -1.0°C, high = +127.0°C)  sensor = thermistor

Adapter: SMBus Via Pro adapter at 5000
temp1:       +38.0°C  (low  =  +0.0°C, high = +70.0°C)
                       (crit = +85.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C)
temp2:       +63.1°C  (low  =  +0.0°C, high = +70.0°C)
                       (crit = +85.0°C, hyst = +75.0°C)

If I can provide more information, let me know.


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