[lm-sensors] Disabling fan control under Linux

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Wed Aug 25 07:43:49 CEST 2010

  Hello! I'm planning to install lm_sensors in my Linux platform using 
Gentoo, but I've got a little worried when I've read the following about 
lm_sensors on Gentoo Wiki:

"Warning: Be careful when activating sensors, like i2c, in the kernel. 
On some systems this might stop the fans from working and can disable 
the ACPI system-overheat shutdown as well. This will cause your computer 
to freeze at best, or may even cause serious hardware damage.

     * See the lm_sensors website for a problematic hardware list.
     * Using lm_sensors on IBM ThinkPads is especially not advised"

Well, I believe my hardware is in the supported list, but to avoid any 
problems, I would like to disable fan control under 
Linux/acpi/lm_sensors and any application using sensors, so they cannot 
turn my fan off. Fan would be purely controlled by hardware.

Can it be done by simply disabling the "fan" as built-in or module under 

Under Linux 2.6 Kernel:

Power management and ACPI options -> ACPI (Advanced Configuration and 
Power Interface) Support -> Fan =n

Or do I have to do something more complex?

Thanks in advance!

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