[lm-sensors] SuperMicro X7SPE-HF configuration

Jeff Rickman jrickman at myamigos.us
Tue Aug 31 00:18:34 CEST 2010

> Hi,
> I am attaching my working SuperMicro X7SPE-HF configuration file for
> addition to your configurations section on the wiki (I do not have an
> account).  I found that none of the existing super micro config were
> accurate for this newer board, so I spent a fair amount of time getting
> this right.  Hope others will benefit.
> This should also be exactly accurate for a SuperMicro X7SPA-HF, and is
> also likely the same for the X7SPA-L, X7SPA-H, X7SPE-H.
> Regards,
> Scott Shanafelt

I have a Supermicro X7SLA-H with the same monitoring chip, but my setup is
very slightly different. Perhaps I interpreted some input pins

What values do you see in the BIOS and how to they "line up" against the
output from "Sensors"?

Have you tried Supermicro's "Super Doctor" program and examined it's
output? They have both a Linux and Windows version of the Supero Doctor

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