[lm-sensors] Upgraded my old Debian box's Kernel from 2.6.30 to 2.6.32, and missing datas in lm_sensors.

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Mon Mar 8 22:38:06 CET 2010

On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 13:28:55 -0800, Phillip Pi wrote:
> > > Nothing interesting in the DSDT; the hwmon chip is used only for
> > > reading a temperature (TZ).
> > > I think you can use "acpi_enforce_resources=lax", there not other ways
> > > to access the sensor data.
> > 
> > If you do, please make sure to blacklist the ACPI "thermal" driver.
> Where do I set blacklist it?

Depends on the distribution. Sometimes it's enough to add:

blacklist thermal

to /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf, but sometimes init scripts actively load the
thermal driver, so you have to hack them or at least edit
distro-specific config files.

> What is bad about "thermal" driver? 
> Conflict?

Yes. The thermal driver will access the same I/O ports as the w83627ehf
driver, without any synchronization between them, so very bad things
can happen.

Jean Delvare

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