[lm-sensors] fancontrol

Ioan Rusan ionica at bolovan.homelinux.com
Mon Mar 29 13:46:44 CEST 2010


   I writhed for my fun a fancontrol in C. Currently is do only managing 
speed fan and detect startup value and stop value for fans (for example, 
my cpu fan is stoping at 18 and start at value 30 set in pwm file).
In the future I want to implement:
- control fan reading hdd temp (currently is using only fans that are 
visible in /sys/class/hwmon/*)
- detect fan controlers
- detect GPU temp (this is a plan for far far away time)
- save settings in files
- use multiple temp sensors (for example, use mb sensors...for normal 
operations, but if CPU temp si jumping a trigger value...speed all case 
fans - usefull if cpu heat sink is good, but you need and a good airflow 
in case)
- a nice gui for fans/sensors (this is a plan to start in 

If lm-sensors team are interested about this, please announce me. To 
know if is worth to make some cosmetics for apps etc.

The current code is working almost...without erros.
I attached a older version (currently, the new version is not on my 

Ioan Rusan

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