[lm-sensors] Fintek F71889ED is unsupported (hack patch included)

Maarten Maathuis madman2003 at gmail.com
Fri May 28 23:25:46 CEST 2010

This appears to be a pretty new Super I/O IC, which i found on my new
motherboard (MSI 870A-G54).

I couldn't find a datasheet, but this link
suggests that it can be trivially added to the f71882fg driver.

So i tried that, pretending it was a f71889fg.

This is the output i got, i appended what i think about the values:

Adapter: ISA adapter
in0:         +1.66 V
in1:         +0.90 V  (max =  +2.04 V)  <-- Vcore, 1.11 V when in high
power mode, this seems accurate (compared to bios)
in2:         +1.07 V
in3:         +0.88 V
in4:         +0.62 V
in5:         +1.27 V
in6:         +1.55 V
in7:         +1.66 V
in8:         +1.64 V
fan1:        785 RPM <-- cpu fan, accurate (compared to bios)
fan2:          0 RPM  ALARM
fan3:          0 RPM  ALARM
temp1:       +24.0 C  (high = +255.0 C, hyst = +251.0 C)  ALARM  <--
cpu temp, probably accurate (compared to bios)
                      (crit = +255.0 C, hyst = +251.0 C)  ALARM
sensor = Intel PECI
temp2:         FAULT  (high = +255.0 C, hyst = +251.0 C)
                      (crit = +255.0 C, hyst = +251.0 C)  sensor = transistor
temp3:       +33.0 C  (high = +255.0 C, hyst = +253.0 C)  ALARM   <--
system temp, probably accurate (compared to bios)
                      (crit = +255.0 C, hyst = +253.0 C)  ALARM
sensor = transistor

So please tell me what you think, any ideas how this can be improved.
Especially the system voltages are horribly mis-calibrated it seems.

Please CC me upon reply, i am not subscribed to the mailing-list.


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