[lm-sensors] Writing a .conf for Supermicro X8DTH-6F board

Kristleifur Daðason kristleifur at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 20:58:30 CEST 2010


Looking at the config for the C7X58 board, the overall setup seems to be

2010/10/18 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at hmh.eng.br>

> On Mon, 18 Oct 2010, Kristleifur Dađason wrote:
> > Here's an excerpt from the specifications file:
> Please send us the entire file, so that I can compare it with the one for
> the C7X58 (which uses the same sensor chip).
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Bus Type = ISAIO/SMBus
One W83795AG

Windbond W83795AG, Slave Address=0x2f (0x5E in 8-Bit format)
Fan1 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2e		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan2 Fan Speed, Offset 0x2f		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan3 Fan Speed, Offset 0x30		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan4 Fan Speed, Offset 0x31		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan5 Fan Speed, Offset 0x32		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan6 Fan Speed, Offset 0x33		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan7 Fan Speed, Offset 0x34		RPM = 84375/Data
Fan8 Fan Speed, Offset 0x35		RPM = 84375/Data
CPU1 Voltage, Offset 0x10		Voltage = Data* 0.008
CPU2 Voltage, Offset 0x11		Voltage = Data* 0.008
CPU1 DIMM Voltage, Offset 0x13		Voltage = Data* 0.008
CPU2 DIMM Voltage, Offset 0x14		Voltage = Data* 0.008
CPU1 VTT Voltage, Offset 0x1b		Voltage = Data* 0.008
CPU2 VTT Voltage, Offset 0x12		Voltage = Data* 0.008
+1.5V Voltage, Offset 0x16		Voltage = Data* 0.008
+1.8V Voltage, Offset 0x17		Voltage = Data* 0.008
+5V Voltage, Offset 0x1f		Voltage = Data* 0.008 * (40/10)
+12V Voltage, Offset 0x20		Voltage = Data* 0.008/ (10./66.2)
+1.1V Voltage, Offset 0x15		Voltage = Data* 0.008
+3.3V Voltage, Offset 0x1c		Voltage = Data* 0.024
+3.3VSB Voltage, Offset 0x1d		Voltage = Data* 0.024
Battery Voltage, Offset 0x1e		Voltage = Data* 0.024
CPU1 Temperature, Offset 0x27		Temperature = Data
CPU2 Temperature, Offset 0x26		Temperature = Data
System Temperature, Offset 0x21		Temperature = Data
Chassis Intrusion, Bank 0, Offset 0x46, BitMask 0x40	1 = Bad, 0 = Good
			(Clear Bit: Bank 0, Offset 0x4d, BitMask 0x80)

Power Supply Failure, GP21(From W83527HG)		1 = Good, 0 = Bad

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