[lm-sensors] New in this mailing list

Andrey Repin hell-for-yahoo at umail.ru
Sun Oct 24 08:25:02 CEST 2010

Greetings, Jean Delvare!

>> Is there any way to search for words in this mailing list?

> Just use google or any other search engine which support per-domain
> search:
>   site:lists.lm-sensors.org asus P6TD

Terrible suggestion. No way to sort results by date making it totally
pointless in case there's more than a few entries.

Trying your suggestion, I haven't found any answer for my question, even
though there's just 4 pages of results, and I've read all that isn't over a
year old.

But found different discussion about "lm_sensors" versus "lm-sensors", and I
have a hint for whoever would be dealing with it: Package managers have
certain naming conventions, and underscore is a part of special character set
for apt. That's why it was changed for Debian, and also changed for init
script names to match package name.

 Andrey Repin (hell-for-yahoo at umail.ru) 24.10.2010, <10:05>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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