[lm-sensors] [PATCH v2] lis3: Fix Oops with NULL platform data

Jean Delvare khali at linux-fr.org
Sat Sep 25 13:01:25 CEST 2010

On Fri, 24 Sep 2010 16:10:06 +0100, Jonathan Cameron wrote:
> On 09/24/10 15:30, Jean Delvare wrote:
> > That being said, I indeed would like all non-hwmon drivers to go away
> > from drivers/hwmon. Originally we were waiting for iio to settle first,
> > but apparently this is taking forever.
> More developers and code reviewers always welcome!

Just to clear any confusion: this wasn't a criticism from my side. I
understand why it takes time. All I mean is that it is not reasonable
to delay other changes waiting for IIO to hit mainline. Because we have
no idea when that will happen.

> > The 4 drivers I would like to
> > kick are: ams, hdaps, lis3lv02d and applesmc. They are primarily
> > accelerometer device drivers. Not sure where to put them,
> > drivers/accel(erometer), drivers/misc, drivers/misc/accel(erometer),
> > drivers/input/accel(erometer)... Opinions welcome.
> If the primary use is as an input device then talk to Dmitry. Some
> accelerometers are being taken into input. There are some open questions
> on naming etc currently being debated so anyone interested should get
> involved in those asap.

Let's see if he wants them. I seem to recall he objected to them going
to input, on the basis that the input function was a not the key
feature. But apparently we have one accel driver in drivers/input/misc
(adxl34x) so maybe we can have more.

Jean Delvare

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