[lm-sensors] ITE IT8721F, IT8758E it87 standalone driver report

Rebel atr_temp at mail.ru
Fri Apr 8 20:06:48 CEST 2011

Hello, Jean.

You wrote:

>> +5.00V 4.988V
>> +12.0V 11.816V

> For these two, we would need more values from the BIOS to conclude, as
> we have 4 candidates (in0, in1, in2 and in6.)

More values? But there is no more values in my BIOS.

>> After this  i  run  sensors  but  it  outputs  temp1, temp2 and so on (no my
>> labels).  Next  i  run  "sensors  -c /etc/sensors.conf"  and  output  was
>> correct.  And after deleting chip and labels from configuration file too.

> This is simply not possible. "sensors" reads the configuration files
> again each time to run it.

I  don't know how it can be, but before running sensors3 at first time,
/etc/sensors.d was an empty folder, but now there is it8721.conf wich
holds data i put into /etc/sensors.conf

>> All  next  times  running  sensors without -c the output was
>> correct, why?

> Not sure what you did exactly, but /etc/sensors.conf is not used by
> lm-sensors 3.x if /etc/sensors3.conf is present. /etc/sensors3.conf is
> always checked first, to make it possible to have both lm-sensors 2 and
> lm-sensors 3 installed on a given machine (although nobody should be
> doing this any longer.)

Here is the log of my actions:
-   i  have  removed   old   sensors2 (apt-get remove lm-sensors) but may be
Ubuntu hasn't deleted the old config file.
-  i  compiled  new sensors from sources and run it without parameters
(the output was temp1 fan1 and so on)
- in /etc/sensors.conf i put my chip and some labels
-  run  newly  built sensors with config /etc/srnsors.conf
"sensors  -c  /etc/sensors.conf"  and output was with correct labels i
put in /etc/sensors.conf
-  i  have  deleted my chip and labesls from /etc/srnsors.conf and run
sensors again without config, output was correct with my labels

I  think,  when  i run sensors with edited config /etc/sensors.conf it
creates file in /etc/sensors.d. Is it right?

С уважением,
 Rebel                         http://www.aleksandr.ru

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