[lm-sensors] [PATCH 0/4] Move lis3lv02d and hp_accel out of drivers/hwmon

Éric Piel Eric.Piel at tremplin-utc.net
Sun Feb 20 19:16:24 CET 2011

Op 19-02-11 14:12, Jean Delvare schreef:
> Hi all,
> Here is a patch set moving lis3lv02d and hp_accel out of drivers/hwmon.
> hp_accel goes where it belongs, i.e. drivers/platform/x86 (next to
> hdaps.) For lis3lv02d, I would have preferred a more specific home, but
> none seems to be suitable at the moment, so I went for drivers/misc. We
> might revisit this later.
> [PATCH 1/4] Let Kconfig handle lis3lv02d dependencies
> [PATCH 2/4] Move hp_accel to drivers/platform/x86
> [PATCH 3/4] Move lis3lv02d drivers to drivers/misc
> [PATCH 4/4] hp_accel: Fix driver name
> As with every patch moving files around, the patches look very large
> but most of them can be ignored, all you really have to look at are the
> Kconfig and Makefile changes.
> Note that I don't have supported hardware so I wasn't able to test the
> patches. So I would welcome testing as much as review.
I'm completely fine with the move (it was in hwmon only because in the 
first place there were other accelerometers there). So here is my:
Acked-by: Éric Piel <eric.piel at tremplin-utc.net>

I'll try to test the changes tomorrow (on an HP notebook), to confirm.

BTW, why do hp_accel has to be in a different directory than the rest? 
To me it's just a different interface to the chip: ACPI/HP, instead of 
SPI or I²C.

See you,

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