[lm-sensors] RFC: nct6776f support in the w83627ehf and fan RPM signal de-bounce

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Mon Mar 7 15:59:21 CET 2011

Guenter Roeck schrieb:
> This is a Sandy Bridge board, isn't it ?

Yes, it is.

> Maybe you can try a kernel from the -next tree; that might solve your problem.
> That means you would have to download, compile and install the kernel, though.

Hrm, exactly what I want to avoid, updating openSUSE Factory quite often 
already is experimental enough for me on a production machine, but I'm 
using Kernel:HEAD there, which is currently some recent 2.6.38-rc and I 
should be 2.6.39-rc once the merge window has closed.

Still, do you know something I don't on my error that you suggest that? 
Chris Wilson on intel-gfx was somewhat clueless as to why this happens...

> To test a standalone driver, all you have to do is to download it, then run "make"
> followed by "sudo make install". You don't have to build the entire kernel.

That sounds good.
Can I download your standalone driver in a git clone or similar way? 
Pulling the files one by one over http doesn't sound ideal to me. :)

Robert Kaiser

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