[lm-sensors] RFC: nct6776f support in the w83627ehf and fan RPMsignal de-bounce

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Fri Mar 11 01:04:55 CET 2011

Guenter Roeck schrieb:
> Agreed. But you might be able to see the DIMM temperatures (if you have DDR3)
> by loading the "jc42" module.

Hmm, doesn't seem to work, after loading jc43, I don't see anything new 
appearing in sensors output.

> Actually, I just had a look at the code again. Turns out there is a bug; you see
> the labels associated with NCT6776F, not NCT6775F. Real values should be "PECI Agent 0"
> instead of "SMBUSMASTER 1", "PECI Agent 1" instead of "SMBUSMASTER 2",
> and "PCH_CHIP_TEMP" instead of "PCH_CHIP_CPU_MAX_TEMP". I'll fix that immediately.

Ah, that makes sense, even if it's interesting that the PCH Chip is so 
much hotter than the CPU, but then it doesn't have a fan attached to it 
and still enough work, so sounds reasonable. And "PECI Agent 0" being 
similar to the values from coretemp is also probably reasonable, as IIRC 
PECI means something similar to that, right?

> So the temperatures you see as "SMBUSxxx" are really temperatures reported by the CPU.
> Just don't ask me why the CPU would report 0 degrees C ;).

The i7-2600K is just an incredibly cool CPU, I guess. ;-)

Robert Kaiser

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