[lm-sensors] extreme fan rpms with atk0110

Anders Kullenberg akullen at swipnet.se
Mon Mar 14 21:39:19 CET 2011

Hi Jean,

> Ämne: Re: [lm-sensors] extreme fan rpms with atk0110
> Anders,
> On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 22:39:42 +0100, Anders Kullenberg wrote:
> > Thanks for the quick reply.
> Please don't top-post.

Sorry for that, now I know how to do it.

> > I checked the BIOS readings. They are normal, even below 800rpm. I
> have the
> > asus q-fan enabled in the bios that should control fan speeds. I
> tried to
> > disable it, didn't change anything.
> > It is possible to select ACPI 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 in the bios, any
> > recommendations on that?
> I'd go for ACPI 2.0 as the best compromise between recentness and
> support level, but in the end it really depends on what the BIOS adds
> in each case, and whether Linux properly supports that yet or not. But
> anyway it probably doesn't matter for the problem at hand.

I switched the setting to ACPI 2.0

> > The fans are not any special stuff as far as I'm aware. They are
> connected
> > to the motherboard directly, no potentiometers used in the
> installation.
> OK. Maybe you should send your board's DSDT to Luca for analysis then.


> > I found no chip "atk0110-*" section in /etc/sensors3.conf, what
> config is
> > used then, where should I put the compute statements?
> The ATK0110 usually doesn't need any configuration, as the driver knows
> all the scaling factors and labels. But you are free to add a new
> configuration section for it if you really have to.
> I'm a little surprised as the M2V isn't a recent board, so it should be
> already supported, or more users would have reported by now. Did you
> look for a BIOS update for your board?

Have the latest bios available from asus homepage.

> --
> Jean Delvare

Some more info. Don't know if it is of use but I have configured munin to
read the sensor output.
Over the last ~24hour both the fan RPM readings has decreased with ~4000 rpm
in a very stable decrease over time.
During the same period the temp readings have been very stable on the same


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