[lm-sensors] Unsuported ITE chipset 0x8771

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On Lun Feb 13 2012 11:54:47 Tomàs Deltell Bonell escribió:

> Hi


> I have bought a Asus E35M1-I DELUXE motherboard and it uses the k10temp 
module for checking the CPU temperature. And it works correctly.
> But the fan and voltage monitoring is not supported at this time by lm-

I've also have this motherboard.

> Do anyone have any idea on how to get this supported or if any current 
module will work with some editing?
> If I understand the all mighty google =) then it's a ITE chipset that is 
used for reporting fan speed.
> The latest lm-sensors give me following information
> Trying family `ITE'...                                      Yes
> Found unknown chip with ID 0x8771
>     (logical device 4 has address 0x290, could be sensors)
> Probing for Super-I/O at 0x4e/0x4f

If you force modprobe of it87 module to behave as chipset 0x8721, you can see 
that you can see temperature of the sensors, the speed fans and voltages (not 
correct values for voltages)

> I'm building a quiet htpc and whould like to be able to controll and monitor 
the fan speed.
> Is there anything I can do to help to get this chipset supported? I'm not a 
C programmer but I can do some test on my machine.
> //Martin

Here [1] you can see more users with this problem (generated by Asus). The 
only thing we need to have a functional driver is the datasheet of this 
'confidential' chipset made by ITE for Asus motherboards. This is the standard 
answer you get if you ask for datasheet:

"Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service Department Iberica.

We regret but issues of confidentiality, we can not
provide the information that tells us.


Iberian ASUS Customer Care"

Is there anything that we as users can do?



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